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use Your SPARE Change To


Modern technology has created a fun, easy method of supporting Allied Women's Center via an innovative financial app used by thousands on non-profits. Simply stated, when you sign up as a Roundup App user, your spare change helps fund our mission of saving babies, helping families, in South Texas!

The RoundUp App is the #1 fundraising tool that automatically rounds up users’ credit or debit card transactions and donates the "change" to your organization, giving you a new stream of recurring donations.


How does it work? It rounds up the change from your everyday purchases bought using a credit card, then donates the difference to Allied Women's Center. Those pennies, dimes and quarters, totaling no more than 99 cents per transaction, then go to work for AWC.

Buy a candy bar for $2.60? Then Allied is sent 40 cents.  Buy a new sweater for $16.80? That we get 20 cents from that transaction.

You set the minimum and maximum amount you want to have the app donate each month, with the maximum amount needing to be at least $5/month.

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