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Since its start in 1994, Allied Women’s Center has helped save the lives of over 2,500 pre-born babies from abortion in San Antonio and South Texas.


Much of our success is due to our donor-funded services and staff counseling. Every year, on average, Allied accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Administers over 1,300 free pregnancy tests

  • Provides dozens of ultrasounds to abortion-minded women

  • Saves between 200 to 330 babies from abortion

  • Directly provides special needs support to about 900 clients, including pregnant mothers and families of saved babies

  • Supplies about 50,000 diapers and wipes for newborn/infant saved babies

  • Passes out thousands of clothing items and accessories for babies, children and mothers

  • Gives referrals to several clients for medical care, housing, social services and legal aid

Every year, thanks to AWC staff and our loyal donors, lives are being saved in a world where we're fighting daily against evil LIES peddled to women everywhere by the well-funded, powerful Abortion Industry. (Read Starfish story here.)

Donors are KEY TO OUR SUCCESS. We can't do what we do without the financial gifts of our legions of loyal supporters, period. Our years of experience on the abortion frontlines have shown us that funding limitations ~ coupled with increased client volume ~ force us to reduce the amount of support we can and should provide clients. In other words, funding levels directly impact our annual goal of saving at least 90 percent of the babies whose mothers are abortion-minded women.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, Allied has continued to keep its doors open to serve clients as we always have done. When the pandemic is over, we'll be ready to face whatever new challenges the future brings, too.


The need for Allied to be a beacon of hope to the woman in a crisis pregnancy never stops.

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