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Pay online now using a credit card, Paypal or ApplePay on our secure payment form, below. It's a quick and easy process that takes just about a minute or so to complete. Simply: 

  • Click on options representing your choices; they will be shown as solid green boxes.

  • Fill out the remainder of the form.

  • Click on DONATE NOW button. 

That's it....Thank you for helping Allied save more babies in South Texas! We can't do it without you.

NOTE: If you are accessing this page on your phone, if you can't "grab" the scroll bar on right side of form, try moving the form up/down with your finger on the screen. If you encounter technical issues, especially during our Gala, email and we'll get back to you very quickly as we monitor this account closely!

Every financial gift you make is a charitable, tax-deductible donation as Allied Women's Center of San Antonio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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