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Phone: (210) 224-7077


Do you know someone who needs assistance ASAP or in the near future about a possible or confirmed unplanned pregnancy? You've found the right place with the most caring people who know exactly what these women are going through! 


Since 1994, Allied Women's Center (AWC) has provided experienced guidance, solutions and free resources to over 2,500 women who were in the same frustrating, possibly scary situation as yours. Yes, we know what we're doing....Now we're ready to be your personal, trusted guide through this next chapter of your beautiful life.


Women in crisis pregnancies are why we exist, and why we created this supporter/donor website. We're here to help, especially with time-sensitive or "emergency" consultations, and give the confidential, compassionate care each woman deserves.


First step for anyone needing our assistance is call us at (210) 224-7077 to set up an appointment for a free consultation at our San Antonio, Texas, center. A member of the Allied Women Center team will be happy to speak about accessing any of these amazing services/resources:


  • Free pregnancy tests

  • Free limited ultrasounds (there must be a medical reason to schedule ultrasound)

  • Information on pregnancy and abortion alternatives

  • Confidential peer counseling and guidance

  • Information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

  • Physical, emotional and spiritual support

  • Free diapers (first 12 months only) *

  • Free baby clothes and accessories *

  • Free limited financial support (case-by-case) **

  • Referrals for medical care, housing, social services, and legal aid

  • Abstinence education

At the heart of our services are our complimentary, confidential counseling and informational sessions for women in crisis pregnancy situations. This counseling determines the emotional, material and financial status of clients, and provides a road map for the type of services to offer, and the length of time to give that assistance. 

Please read a few of our Client Success Stories. and view photos of some of our thousands of Saved Babies.


We don't judge the women we help, and we truly respect everyone's journey in life. Our clients are of all ages, representing diverse backgrounds. Some believe in God while others don't. And although Allied is a Catholic organization, we don't "push" the religious aspect onto anyone ~ but that charism is clearly part of our organizational DNA. It's what sustains us and gives us the strength to do so much for so many.

* NOTE: Tangible assistance provided to clients consists of "material support" such as diapers, wipes, car seats, cribs, and other baby/childcare supplies and equipment. One year of support is optimal for each client/family. This support is free of charge to clients.

** NOTE: Financial support is provided on a need-by-need basis, and may include assistance with rent, utilities, transportation, and/or other critical needs. All these support services are free of charge to clients.

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