Saving Babies / Helping Families

Since 1994, Allied Women’s Center has operated Catholic crisis pregnancy centers in San Antonio which assist over 2,000 women annually and save the lives of hundreds of babies each year from abortion. We work on the front lines, at the point of the “life or death” decisions, and support those women and their families who choose life.

We can only do this life-saving and hope-giving work with the help and support of the many generous pro-life supporters like you! We invite you to join us in this sacred and precious ministry!

Here’s what makes Allied Women’s Center unique:

  • Our primary mission is to save babies from abortion… PERIOD! Our motto is “SAVING BABIES, HELPING FAMILIES”. We do help and support women and families but saving babies will always come first.
  • “Saved” to us means that an abortion-minded pregnant woman has instead chosen life for her unborn child through the counseling and services of Allied Women’s Center.
  • We do not purposely evangelize or convert our clients to the Catholic or any other Christian faith, but rather, focus on saving babies and on the well-being of their families. Nor do we count as “saved” the babies of women who are not seeking abortions but have only come to Allied for counseling and/or support services.
  • We carefully document every baby whose life has been saved through our services before adding him/her to our tally of saved babies.
  • From the very beginning, we have been fully Catholic in the ways we work with, assist and advise our clients. Nonetheless, we assist women and families of all races, creeds, colors, origins, and income levels.
  • We directly and materially assist those women who have chosen life for their babies. This support is up to one year. We do not merely direct them to other social service agencies, unless necessary.
  • Although we are in great need of financial support, we have decided not to accept funding from the State of Texas because their rules and restrictions would significantly hamper our ability to save babies. We will not choose to make it easier to fund our operations while making it more difficult to save babies from abortion. We will not choose dollars over lives.

We invite you to learn more about Allied Women’s Center and our life-saving work by perusing our website. We also invite you to visit our centers. For a personal tour, please contact Tere Haring, Executive Director, at